Graffiti pARTy with David Cho

Nothing but canvasses were spray painted by student artists at the Graffiti pARTy on Friday April 28th with David “Hyde” Cho. Students produced a group piece that will be auctioned at the PAINTS Big Art pARTy on May 12th at the Piedmont Center for the Arts. david cho (Photo by Becky Swain)

Karen Stanton comments in the Piedmont Post

Published on April 12, 2017

Events have life spans just like anything, and it’s time for the beloved PAINTS Bird House Gala & Auction to be officially put out to pasture. After sixteen years of birdhouses, a new, young enthusiastic group of art-loving PAINTS board members will launch a new art education fundraising event called The Big pARTy on May 12th 5-7pm at the Piedmont Center for the Arts. You will see more on that event in future issues of the POST. Continue reading

New Mural at PMS

Don’t miss the brand new lively and colorful murals beautifying PMS during this year’s walk thru registration!
Adrienne Chan, Lucy Richardson, Amy Foo and Sofia Loukes, four recent PMS graduates, saw a need and an opportunity for creative expression at PMS and they took action! These inspired student artists proposed a mural project concept to Ryan Fletcher (principal), applied for a project grant from PAINTS, and designed four beautiful murals themed for each season. They chose to work under the creative mentorship of Suzie Skugstad (local community artist) and received lots of helpful hands from the PCSC volunteers. Way to go! Spring, Summer and Fall are beautifully finished while Winter will be completed in the near future.image1image2image3